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Total Air Conditioning Sales

Carries Air Conditioners from the best brands in the world.

Our family business in Toowoomba supplies air conditioners, controllers and accessories.

We work with tradesmen, electricians, companies and residential customers who want access to our wholesale stock at unrivalled prices.

Total Air Conditioning Sales

Split System and Ducted Air Conditioners

Total Air Conditioning sells both Split System and Ducted Air Conditioners. We carry models from the most reputable brands in the world, including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Rinnai and Panasonic. We also have models from other brands in stock.

Split System Air Conditioners are the most energy efficient way to cool down single rooms. We sell Split Systems of various sizes, which can be helpful if you are looking to cool down a small or large room. Our models are state-of-the-art, come with the relevant accessories, and include manufacturer warranties.

Ducted Air Conditioners offer the ability to cool down an entire living space, including multiple rooms and floors. We sell the most efficient Ducted Air Conditioners, which will help reduce your electricity bill each month.

Air Conditioner Controllers and Accessories

A Split System Air Conditioner is not complete without a wireless controller to access its many features. These controllers can help you adjust the temperature, timers, speed and other features of your split system AC. We have all relevant Air Conditioner controllers available in single and bulk quantities, direct from the manufacturer.

We also sell accessories for Air Conditioners, such as wiring, paircoil pipe covers and wall brackets, wall mounts, WiFi adapters, thermostats and more. While most of our accessories are in stock throughout the year, any shortages will likely be resolved within days.

Air Conditioner accessories — Total Air Conditioning Sales in Toowoomba QLD
Air conditioner — Total Air Conditioning Sales in Toowoomba QLD
Wholesale Prices

When you buy from Total Air Conditioning in Toowoomba, you get access to wholesale prices on all Air Conditioners and their accessories. We source products directly from the manufacturer, allowing us to set the lowest prices in Australia. We also have bulk discounts if you buy multiple units in a single transaction.