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Total Air Conditioning Sales

For your information, we have compiled here our answers to frequently asked questions about our business:

Unfortunately, no. At Total Air Conditioning Sales, we are focused on wholesaling air conditioning and relevant accessories at the very best prices. We do not offer installation services. However, through our trade connections, we can recommend top air conditioning specialists around the country and we would be happy to steer you in the direction of someone to install your Air Conditioner at your home, apartment or business. We recommend a professional installer to satisfy your needs and ensure the job is done correctly.

Yes. You are certainly in line for a discount when you buy our wholesale Air Conditioners in bulk. The discounts get even more significant as your purchase gets bigger. Our trade customers are able to pass on saving to their own customers or improve their margins to expand their businesses.

Split System Air Conditioners are ideal for single rooms. There are smaller Split aircons for bedrooms and larger Splits that are ideal for dining rooms, living rooms, and other communal home or business areas.

Ducted Air Conditioners are best for an entire home, multi-storey apartment, or a business with multiple rooms. These systems rely on a central unit that moves air through ducts and into various rooms, regulating the temperature throughout the structure. The beauty of the ducted system is that the climate in each room can be individually controlled. Upstairs rooms could, for example, be cooled on a hot day, despite cooling perhaps being unnecessary in the downstairs rooms.

Yes, modern Split System and Ducted Air Conditioners are a lot more efficient compared to models from 7 to 10 years ago. These units will not use as much energy to achieve and maintain the same temperature, compared to older models. If you currently own an older system, get a new one installed and the savings on your power bill over the next few years will help pay for it.