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Ducted Air Conditioning systems

Ducted Air Conditioning systems are the best way to provide comfort all year round to homes, apartment complexes and commercial buildings.

Total Air Conditioning Sales sells Ducted AC systems from the most reputable manufacturers in the world.

Thanks to our direct dealings with companies such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Hitachi, Panasonic, Rinnai and Fujitsu we have ample stock of the most highly anticipated and well performing ducted models on the market today.

Not only do we deliver Ducted Air Conditioning systems and related accessories to assist our clients, but our family-run business offers some of the best deals in this space.

We buy directly from the manufacturer, allowing us to sell at wholesale prices. You will see significant discounts when shopping with Total Air Conditioning, compared to any other retailer.

Inverter Ducted AC Systems

Advanced inverter Ducted Air Conditioning systems have been increasing in popularity over the past few years. These systems deliver even greater efficiency and quietness, compared to typical ducted models. They are better for areas with extreme variation in temperatures throughout the seasons, while they deliver up to 30 per cent more efficiency compared to regular models.

Total Air Conditioning Sales carries both inverter and standard ducted AC systems at wholesale rates. We also have a supply of all relevant parts and accessories required in the installation, maintenance and repair of these units.

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Ducted Cooling Systems

A Ducted Air Conditioner consists of several critical components that come together to form a harmonious cooling system. In ducted cooling systems, typically an indoor unit is in the roof and the outdoor unit is located outside. It is connected by pipework, wiring ducting to ensure that air moves through a building.

The perks of ducted air conditioning systems include whisper-quiet operation, cleverly concealed components, ease of operation and regulated temperature for every room where the system extends.

Homeowners can use a Ducted system for individually customised climate control in every single room of their single or multiple-storey house.